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Are you in search of a reliable and certified manpower recruitment agency in Sri Lanka? Look no further! Deima Consultancy stands out as a leading force in the industry, certified and compliant with the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment.

Our Expertise

With an extensive network of partners in Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, Germany, and Japan, we specialize in recruiting skilled manpower across 80-100 different categories. Whether you're seeking employment opportunities in the Middle East, Europe, or Asia, Deima Consultancy is your gateway to a world of possibilities.

Certification and Compliance

Rest easy knowing that Deima Consultancy adheres to the highest standards of certification and compliance set by the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment. We prioritize transparency and legality in all our operations, ensuring a seamless and secure recruitment process for both employers and candidates.

Financial Support for Departure

Understanding the financial challenges associated with the migration process, we go the extra mile to support our candidates. Deima Consultancy assists candidates with any financial requirements they may have, facilitating a smooth departure process and easing the transition to their new employment destination.

Why Choose Deima Consultancy


Explore opportunities in 80-100 different job categories tailored to your skills and preferences.


Our partnerships span key regions, offering a wide range of employment options in Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, Germany, and Japan.


We believe in supporting our candidates beyond recruitment, addressing financial needs to ensure a stress-free departure.

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